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Accidental Furniture Find

Your home should tell a story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love

Nate Berkus

I have a weird “rule” for decor or furniture pieces. I try my best to only bring things into my home that either come with a story or really mean something to me. By doing this my home really has become a “story of who we are”. Here’s the latest story….

During my city’s Downtown “chocolate crawl event” I was in my office working on the computer when I glanced up from my desk to see this GORGEOUS Chartreuse Wingback Chair. It literally caught the corner of my eye by chance. I, being my snoopy self got up and started gawking at the truck bed this beauty was in…. THERE’S TWO! I gasped!

I saw a couple I met earlier in the day running to their truck through the snow. I RAN out my office door to say “If you ever sell those you’ve got my card, PUH-LEASE call me”! Turns out they bought them at a nearby Auction just before coming to our City’s Chocolate Crawl. I wiped the drool from my face and said “You could get about $150 per chair in KC!” “That’s where we’re headed!” In my head I thought (the hell you are!) I begged her to sell me the chairs as I climbed into the truck bed. In high heeled boots. In the falling snow. (When It comes to a good Antique find I’ll do some wild stuff 😉 – no shame here! ) I asked her price and said I’d GLADLY take them off their hands, after all it is going to snow on them the whole way back to the city! 😉

“$50!” she said to my pleasant surprise!! I invited them back into the office so we could finalize the transaction out of the wind and snow. The couple had scored the set for $1 (for both). Seriously in the city this set would sell for possibly $150-300 PER CHAIR. I was more than happy to pay her a finders fee. Not to mention they were literally directly outside my office door!

I got these babies home and did a scrub down, added cushions on the feet to protect my wood floors and ta-da! Instant statement pieces on each side of my fireplace. They filled what once was an awkward empty space, now symmetrical. The chartreuse color is not for everyone but to me its a fun funky color that flows with my mid century modern vibe pretty well! The Detail work on both of these is in mint condition! Not a tear or stain insight!

A fun little backstory on this set that I’m sure I’ll share with everyone wether or not they care to hear the story each time I have a visitor! This quickly became mine and the Kitties favorite hangout spot. My 3yo Daughter calls them Princess chairs or our new fancy chairs.

Thanks for reading about this little accidental find ! I hope you find some useful inspiration here on my website in some way! Have a wonderful day and happy antique hunting!

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