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Behind the Scenes Part 1

I type this post late at night while I am waiting for a coat of paint to dry on an order, meanwhile a load of laundry is running. I may or may not have about 10 tabs open on my browser (things that I CANNOT forget to do). On another screen I’ve got my Design software up with another 5 tabs open of current projects I am working. I’m feeling run down, been moving non-stop since 5AM this morning, my trusty red bull is getting me to the finish line tonight. But you know what? I’ve got a clear vision in mind of what goals I’ve got set for the next 6months to a year! My babies, they’re all tucked in safe and sound in their beds. The house isn’t a complete disaster. We managed to get some homework done. Everyone was fed, no one died. Today was a good day! (said in my best Ice Cube voice)

I REALLY want to shatter the faux vibe that “doing it all” is beautiful and seamless. It’s not. I cuss WAY too much, I have enough Caffeine to power a small car daily. Some days I want to die at the thought of having to cook yet ANOTHER meal while I’ve got 30 unread text messages. My grammar sucks, but it’s me. Get used to it 😉 I type the way I’d talk in person.

I know that in the time of social media, the glitz and glam of making everything “flawless” sometimes we forget that people aren’t machines. Human’s cannot do it all flawlessly forever. While we only see the surface on social media, the “highlights” it is so easy to forget that there’s more to the picture. My close friends know that when I post house photos to a home group on SM that nine times out of ten you can bet I just shuffled some kiddo clutter around out for a quick photo. I truly LOVE being brutally honest about the flaws, messiness of LIFE. If you’re wondering why I started the post so descriptive it’s because I feel it’s important to set the “stage” for what REALLY happens behind the scenes. I often get the nicest compliments from fellow Mama’s saying things like “How do you do it all?” or “You are super Mom”. I always make it a point to let them know that I definitely am NOT. I usually then ramble on with some crazy crap I’ve got awaiting me back at the house or a long list of to do’s. Let me keep it real…. While many of you tell me how I’m “crushing it” or “you wish you could keep up”…. Just know that every single day beat I myself down (unintentionally). How I feel like I’m a terrible Mother, or how I am “slacking as a wife” for not being a more supportive. How the house could be cleaner. How I could be fitting in more orders. The list could run on forever. If you really think that “I am crushing it” then re-read the first paragraph again, cause you know what??? Ya girl is a big mess all the time LOL!

I realized early on in Lupine Design that I would need to take 1-2 months off every year. Usually twice a year, one month at a time. Once in the Summer and once around the Holidays for my littles. I do that for both them and myself. When you do a creative job after being slammed 24/7 you tend to feel a little like a robot printing out the design requests that come your way. Add in all the other aspects of family life and PHEW. (breathe!) During my time “off” I spend time with my babes, work on personal projects, plan out Lupine Design things (in an excruciating amount of detail). Attempt to sleep in a little aka get more than 4hours of sleep. Cook…. Man do I LOVE to cook homemade food! But most of all… I breathe. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I look at the world around me as if it were a beautiful photograph. Zoom in my “lens” on the small details that make the world and life so beautiful. The way the breeze makes the tree’s move, or the sound the leaves make while they rustle against each other. It’s moments like that, that fully recharge my soul. This is how I get inspired to do the daily wildness.

Never ever loose sight of your “peace”. When you feel it slipping rest don’t quit.

Photo by Lillie Bullock Photography


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