Budget Mindful Leather Couch Repair

I’ve been meaning to share this “hack” for a while now. This is hands down one of my FAVORITE and possibly one of my biggest secrets to share!

Listen, we are NOT about that ‘finance life’. The thought of financing furniture that my kids are going to ruin anyways makes my skin crawl. (No shame to those whom chose that route!) My husband bought me our couch about 6 years ago as an anniversary gift. Over the years this thing has been through the ringer! Seriously, 3 small kids and about 6 moves (1 cross country move) have done some serious damage to this thing!

This past year the leather (blended or faux leather) began to crack and peel in some areas. I priced out the next set I’d like to replace it with and let’s just say…… OUCH. Spendy! No problem! “We can stretch this thing”, I figured! The plan is to replace it this coming year (2021) sometime BUT in the meantime the cracks needed to be addressed. The kids started to pick at it and I flipped! To Amazon I went! I stumbled upon this awesome 3M Leather tape. After reading lots of reviews I figured “why not!” At $14 a roll it’s really not the end of the world if its crap. I got it and it matched my couch PERFECT. It literally feels like the texture of my couch! It’s insanely easy to do a quick patch job! Definitely will make this thing last until I decide to drop money upgrading.

I’m not going to act like it will solve the problem long term. BUT…. I’m going on about 1 year of coverage with my original patch work. Honestly I just bought another roll to seal up some new spots. At the moment the choice was to fully Renovate and finish our Basement OR buy a new couch set. Clearly I want the bigger eye sore worked on first (Basement).

I’m gonna kick it with this silly little fix until the Summer or Fall months. No shame EVER in staying within your budget! It’s real life and it’s not worth going into debt! Save up and get what you want in your own time! I hope everyone has a SAFE and HAPPY New Years this weekend!! I hope you found some useful inspiration! Thanks for reading!

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