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Cozy Minimal Christmas Decor

Aren’t the holidays just the best?! I love to turn on Classic Christmas music and pull out my Christmas tubs! This year I really loved a minimalist modern vibe for my decorations though! Simplicity is beauty in my eyes. Less truly is more. More time with the little babes, more time baking, more everything. I always am drawn to white & black, so clean and timeless. Unfortunately when we bought our house this year my Christmas tree was too tall 🙁 ! I was out of love with the usual decorations so decided to start fresh!

Of course the mantle is my favorite! I decided on a monochromatic color pallet (shocker I know ha!). I did a little mix and match on the stockings. These lovely Hearth & Hand with Magnolia stockings from Target provide cohesiveness while still showing off some fun minimal patterns. They’re really great quality! My Merry & Bright 3D sign from my Christmas Collection with Lupine Design is my FAVORITE piece this year! I’m obsessed with the clean lines & fun difference in the fonts. I went really modern this year on the collection but that’s another post for another day 😉 ! Beautiful modern candlesticks are so sleek and classy! I also decided to keep my peace hand up this time of year. Peace is an important message during the holidays always! These were bought at a friends shop in Downtown Knob Noster, Angie Marie’s Home Store.


Fresh Cedar garland from either your local nursery or lowes. The scent from the fresh garlands is incomparable. More affordable than most faux garlands. I like that it doesn’t have to be stored every year. Be sure to keep it hydrated with a nice regular misting daily. I added a $3 bag of pinecones because I’m obsessed with the cinnamon scent. The dried orange garland is a really fun and easy DIY to do with the littles. I decided to put mine on the dinning table instead of the mantle to keep the cozy vibe through the whole house not just in the living area. Here’s the details on that as well!

The Tree.

My first flocked Christmas tree! I can’t express how happy I am with this choice! When we moved by 9.5ft tall tree wouldn’t fit in the new house. I was SO SAD. Everything happens for a reason though. This lovely tree did not disappoint. I needed some frost in my life since snow here in MO is not always guaranteed. This beaut is 7.5ft tall and about 56″ base diameter. Very full! Easy as pie to assemble and didn’t shed too much at all! This is an unlit tree. Some don’t like that but I personally prefer it. We had a Christmas tree that lasted about 7 years before it died. I’d rather string the lights myself every year and buy new lights only instead of needing a whole new tree down the road! Overall WIN. There are subtle pinecones throughout the tree that are a lovely touch!

These are the lights that I really love! These are sort of like wire so they can be adjusted to hold onto the boughs of the tree, so versatile even for non-tree uses! LED always a must! Beautiful ornaments I got last year at Target, Champagne & Ruby shatter proof. They didn’t carry these this year but they should be easy enough to find similar ones elsewhere! These add a nice base start to the tree, then add in all those sentimental ornaments to the empty spaces.

I did make one impulse purchase this year that I do not regret one bit. JACK SKELLINGTON! They are fairly difficult to come by in all honesty. I found this specific one on eBay. It comes with 15 changeable faces, is posable and can be used for the Fall months as well as Winter months.

Here is a full gallery of the living room. I wanted to keep the decor minimal this year. Incorporate to the everyday decor without overdoing it. I have a few updates to make still but will get there in time. I will be changing out my rust pillow covers to a ruby red color. The same exact style just a different color. They’re high quality without breaking the bank. You can find them here. One thing that I am really focusing on this year is being “mindful”. That includes being mindful of your monthly budget. Don’t go into debt just to complete a holiday decor trend or to gift. Remember its all about the small details. Choose only things that matter to YOU. If you stick with that rule you can’t go wrong!

Be a ruthless editor of what you allow into your home. Ask yourselves, “what does this object mean to me?”

Nate Berkus

Thank you for checking out my Christmas Decor! There are links throughout the post with details on where to purchase if you see something you like! I hope you’ve found some useful inspiration. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas & Happy Everything!

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