Fancy Ramen

“Fancy Ramen” Details. This sounds like college dorm food but seriously on a busy day at home running the business, chasing the kids, homework, laundry while working into the night on projects this is my go to meal when I start to feel drained or a cold coming on! It’s a wonderful immune system booster! This is just one of my families favorites but you could easily add/change anything you’d like! Even my picky toddlers love this! Recipe below (will add to my highlights as well!) 

What You Need: 
•Ramen Noodles
•Soy sauce 
•Cilantro (if you like it) 
•Scallions/Green onions 
• Lemon or lime juice 
• 1 egg 
•Optional veggies: Raddish, cabbage, carrots, or anything you think would be good! 

Let’s Make it: 
• Heat your pot & water 
• Add your broth packet or use beef broth 
• Crack 1 egg into pot
• Stir until al blended 
• Add in noodles 
• While noodles are cooking, chop your veggies. If you’re adding carrots add them while the noddles cook. (The rest I like to add once I’ve served all the bowls. This adds a nice crunch!)
•Once noodles are done serve everyone’s bowls, add in your veggies of your choice. This makes for a nice garnish as well as keeps a crunch in the dish! 
•Bam! Dinner (or lunch) is served. 
• Add in soy sauce, sriracha to taste of your preference. A little goes a long way with those 3 things! 
Keep in mind how many packs of ramen you’ll need is based off of family size. 

Hope you enjoy as much as we do! The broth touches your soul♡ 

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