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Master Bedroom!

I am so guilty of neglecting my Husband & I’s room. Typically it’s the LAST room in our home I give any attention to. I’d done it for years! I did not want that to be the case in our new home though! This is nothing extravagant by any means, it’s cozy to us and the budget was very affordable! No complaints here!

It has been my biggest goal to only bring things into our home that either have a story or lots of meaning to us for one reason or another. Our room completely checks those boxes!

When we bought our home I HATED how dark of a gray the walls were. I quickly learned that when it’s dark it makes for a much darker room, which equals better sleep! Remember, our home was built in 1970 so it was quite out of date everywhere but the kitchen and living room. We did get lucky with bedrooms having brand new carpets! I started in our room by painting our Doors, and trim. The cheap easy stuff 😉 The quality of the original doors are unmatched! Solid wood! Painting the trim-work brought this space immediately into current style! Now let’s get to the fun stuff DECOR details!

The Window is not centered to the wall which hurt my OCD so badly I couldn’t stand it! So to solve that Issue I got a massive curtain rod and centered it on the bed, added 4 curtain panels to give the illusion of it being centered. This isn’t a huge master bedroom so we chose to just work with what we’ve got! It serves its purpose! This “hack” is a favorite of mine from our years in rental homes prior to buying!

Nightstands were a DIY because truth be told…. I am extremely picky about minimalistic furniture and wanting real wood over MDF when I can. These were so simple! A few 2x2x8 wood planks for the bases. Wood Screws and a top wood board cut to your size preference, literally can’t get any easier than these. I went with a Honey Stained top, and black painted legs. I truly prefer the small “sample” sizes for the paint and stain. No need to buy a ton. Save where you can! My favorite nightstand accessory is this little docking station. I swear it changed my life!

Mid Century Lamp set I love telling this story any chance I get. I was going for a run and saw them on the curb near my house. Finished up my run, walked them back home expecting them to be broken or not functioning. To my pleasant surprise they worked first try! They add a nice balance to this room. I love the unique lampshade shape!

This Gray really grew on me!
Ignore the painter’s tape I’m finishing up the window still

Quick Decor Details

  • Rug: 50% off Hobby Lobby score. I got this baby for $24!
  • Bed Frame: Was given to us by my In-laws when they downsized for retirement.
  • Nightstands: DIY minimal design because I could not find any that I liked!
  • Mid Century Lamps: Curbside save!! (They work perfectly with no issues!)
  • Dresser: IKEA HEMNES.
  • Comforter: IKEA! $30 SMÅSPORRE. If you’ve followed me for a while you know of my love of white! Bleach always makes it as good as new! Versatile no matter decor changes, etc.
  • Throw Pillows:
  • Gray Throw: Target purchase years ago.
  • Magnolia Flower prints: Yard Sale, $5 for the set!
  • Docking Station: Amazon.
  • Mother in-law tongue snake plant: Lowe’s
  • Basket for snake plant: Aldi $6!
  • Large Wall art: TJ Maxx $24
  • Moonshine Snake plant & Pot: Angie Marie’s in my town.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope you find some useful inspiration here!

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